UCSF Video Shoot

San Francisco, California

Jim Bruno:

This was a video project that is the only live footage that we have to show the first version of the group that included Bob Culberson, Bob Cooper and myself. We stayed overnight in San Francisco because we had to be up very early in the morning for the shoot. We were but one of many video projects that were happening that morning, and as a result, we were only able to run through the song once.

During our single pass through the song, some of the instruments floated in pitch, and although we were playing well that morning, we were not allowed to do a second take or to stop to make tuning adjustments. As a result, some of the raw footage is out of tune.

We made edits to remove the offending material, and fortunately, are still able to present the band in a good light, visually and sonically, which is exciting, as it offers some great footage of the original lineup.

Keep singing!