San Jose, California

Jim Bruno:
Eulipia was a wonderful Jazz venue in downtown San Jose. Throughout it’s lifetime, it was both a Night Club and restaurant, and today it’s run by the children of the original owners and is called Café Stretch. I really did love this club and the acts that played there.

I saw guitarist Mike Bloomfield perform there four months or so before he passed away. Mike Bloomfield was a great guitarist and was in one of my all time favorite rock bands ‘The Electric Flag’. They were an American blues rock soul group, and the gig happened early on during the time of the founding of Stickband.

Bob Culbertson, Bob Cooper and I played Eulipia to sold out audiences every time we played there. The first time we played Eulipia, we arrived in the afternoon to set up and I mentioned to one of the employees that I did not think that he had set up enough chairs for the night. He looked at me and kind of smirked, but I really wasn’t trying to be a wise guy, I just knew from our following (it was substantial by then) that we would have a very full house that night. That evening as the room filled I watched him and a couple of other employees rushing to set up more chairs as the room filled to capacity. I didn’t say another word to him and he didn’t say anything to me, but it was sure fun to see all the people that came out to see us that night. After that, whenever we played there always more chairs set up!

Fun times. Having large crowds show up to see you, especially in your home town, sure is a wonderful feeling.

Keep singing!