In May of 2017, founding Stickband members Bob Cooper, Jim Bruno, and Bob Culbertson, along with Dave Schneider and Peter Chaplain, the Stickband live sound crew, got together at Guitar Showcase in San Jose, California to remember the Stickband experience. The conversations covered a wide range of topics, from how the band started, the methodology and inspiration behind the music, the unique instruments they played to Emmett Chapman, the inventor of the Chapman Stick and musical mentor to band members Jim Bruno and  Bob Culbertson. The resultant video interviews give a unique insight into the people behind the legendary Stickband.
Founding Members Bob Culbertson, Jim Bruno and Bob Cooper, along with Peter Chaplain and Dave Schneider, the live sound engineers during the final iteration of the band, discuss the history, personnel and what it meant to be a part of the Stickband.
Jim Bruno, Bob Cooper and Bob Culbertson talk about the Chapman Stick, the primary instrument of the Stickband.
Peter Chaplain and Dave Schneider reflect on the intricacies of handling onstage sound for the Stickband.
Bob Culbertson and Jim Bruno, two of Stickband’s founding members, discuss Bob’s unique and sometimes infamous custom-built guitars.
Bob Cooper, Jim Bruno and Bob Culbertson talk about their relationship with Emmett Chapman, the inventor of the Chapman Stick.
Dave Schneider, Bob Culbertson and Jim Bruno reflect on the Eye See the Lightshow performances in the Planetarium at De Anza College in Cupertino, California.