The Jazz Show

Angelica’s in Redwood City, California
January 23, 2019 7-9PM

Jim Bruno:

So here it is, the year of 2019, and there is still plenty of creative StickBand energy in my heart. I have an upcoming show on January 23, 2019; I’ll be playing with a great jazz pianist by the name of Bob Applebaum and I’ll be singing many songs from my upcoming albums.

This music is really special to me, as it is dedicated to my grandmother and my father‘s passion for the music of their time. Many of the songs I will be performing were songs they either liked or actually sang in my childhood, which is really cool – I’ll be singing songs that were written literally decades ago, yet I’m bringing the technology and instruments from my generation to these versions. I’ll be playing the Ns Stick, the EVI and various electric horns to interpret the great American songbook, which lets me inject the StickBand creative vibe to the songs. I’m very excited about the possibilities. See you there!

Keep Singing!