The Electronic Horns

Jim Bruno:
Quite a while back I decided to make a video about my electric horns/wind drivers. People are always asking me questions about them when they see me play them, so I made a pair of videos explaining what they are with some examples of my playing. I posted the first as a stand-alone on Social Media, and to my surprise I got one of the largest responses to any of my videos ever, which was very cool.

In that first video, I did not show my EVI Steiner because it was not working at the time; I had sent it away for repairs and to have some upgrades installed. My go-to guy for that type of work is Matt Traum of He is the absolute best when it comes to the Steiner, and has done some great work for me. Since then, I have also purchased a second MIDI EVi, which is called NUEVi, purchased from Johan Berglund at Berglund Instruments.

The second video expands on the things discussed in the first. In this video you can see all four of my Steiners; two of them from the 1970’s the third is my MIDI Steiner, which was custom made by Niles Steiner himself, and the fourth is my newest, the NuEVE by Johan Berglund. I really love my electric horns and certainly have enjoyed sharing my thoughts on video. I have a long history with the Steiner specifically, as I used it extensively in Stickband, and it continues to be a favorite of mine to this day. Enjoy the video!

Keep Singing,
Jim Bruno

Jim Bruno talks at length about his use of electronic horns, and plays several including the Morrison digital trumpet, the EWI 5000 and the Steiner EVI.
Jim Bruno continues his discussion on his use of electronic horns, specifically the EVI Steiner.